factor is the leader in Athletic Preparation Software

factor software is athletic preparation software aimed to help physical preparation specialists, strength and conditioning coaches, and team coaches design, implement and monitor more effective training and playing programs. factor is not only a database but is also a tool that will allow an elite club in any sport to store and analyse their physical preparation data in fine detail and use this information to design more specialised programs through all levels of their club.

factor has been designed by a physical preparation specialist with over 16 years experience as a full time professional while, the software has been built to produce a product to assist teams and clubs and especially the physical preparation staff to produce better programs with less time and effort. factor software has been built with an extremely strong focus on simplicity and user friendly design to produce effective and detailed results.

factor includes:

  • Detailed periodisation and scheduling ability
  • Injury logging with medical and treatment monitoring
  • Nutritional program design and analysis
  • Player information including screenings
  • Many different avenues for testing performance and recovery
  • Many different avenues to monitor for injury prevention and training overload
  • Avenues to design, measure, monitor and save training sessions
  • Education to assist less experienced or junior coaches
  • And much, much, much more

More details to follow as the release of factor draws closer.

factor is the most complete physical preparation software available. It will become your most important physical preparation tool.